News & Notices

Admission Notice

  • Admission Open from Nursery to Matric

Fees Details

  • Admission Fee is 2500Rs, can be waived or discounted by the administration.
  • Annual Fund must be paid in February/ New Session.
    • Eight, Nine & Ten Class is 2700Rs.
    • Nursary to Seven Class is 1500Rs.
  • Monthly School Fee must be paid in advance before 5th of Every Month. can be waived or discounted by the administration. Fees Card is mandatory on Fee Submission. Otherwise Parents will responsible for any Loss. Duplicate Fees Card is 50Rs.
    • Nursery/ Prep Class is 1400Rs
    • One, Two, Three Class is 1500Rs
    • Four, Five Class is 1700Rs
    • Six, Seven Class is 1800Rs
    • Eight Science is 2200Rs, Eight General is 2000Rs
    • Nine/Ten Science is 2400Rs, Nine General is 2200Rs
  • Readmission Fee is 1500Rs. Mandatory for Everyone.
  • Sanat Fee is 550Rs.
  • Character Certificate Fee is 500Rs, This Certificate can be verified.
  • School Leaving Certificate is 1000Rs, This Certificate can be verified.
  • Bonafide Certificate Fee is 300Rs, This Certificate can be verified.
  • Students must pay all dues till that month of Migration for City to City. Local Migration is not Allowed by School.
  • School Absence Fine is 50Rs/Per Day from 6th to Matric Class. Application with parents sign can waive this fine.
  • Late Fee Fine 50Rs/ Per Day after 5th of Every Month. can be waived or discounted by the administration. Students who are not paying fee in time, may be discharged from the school.
  • School Copy is 100Rs. School Diary is 70Rs. School Tie Large is 150Rs, Small is 120Rs.
  • School Mono for Shirts (Boys/Girls) is 150Rs.
  • Sports Fund Per Year
    • Nursery to Three Class is 200Rs.
    • Four to Ten Class is 300Rs.
  • Annual Trip as per Students Demand will Charged
  • Welfare Party to Ten Class pay by 9th Class is 1200Rs.
  • No Fee for Library, Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Computer LABs.
  • No Commission is allowed in Books, Uniform or other Stationary provided by Office.
  • سکول انتظامیہ کا احسن اقدام۔ “انشاءاللہ” ادارہ فیس میں آپ سے تعاون اور بروقت تعلیمی سرگرمیوں میں کمی کو پورا کرے گا۔

Rules & Regulations

  • The KINS school is registered with the Education Department of Punjab, affiliated with B.I.S.E. Gujranwala, the Health Department, the Building Department, Join Stock Companies, the Federal Board of Revenue, the Police Department, and Employee Old Age Benefits. Follow all the rules and values related to these departments.
  • Students who arrive late for the assembly will miss their first lecture.
  • Students are not allowed to drink water after the assembly, before and after the break, and before dismissal.
  • Neat and tidy uniforms are mandatory for all students.
  • Every student must check their books, notebooks, and stationery before leaving. The administration and teachers will not be responsible for them.
  • The student’s date of birth, contact number, and postal address must be correct. Otherwise, parents will be responsible for any loss, and the student will not be allowed in school without these credentials.
  • Treat teachers, classmates, and staff with respect and courtesy. Avoid bullying, harassment, or discrimination based on race, gender, religion, or other factors. Only Urdu & English are allowed on School premises.
  • The use of smartwatches and mobile phones is strictly prohibited for all teachers and students.
  • Maintain a clean school environment and assist in waste disposal. Follow guidelines for recycling and waste reduction.
  • Participation in extracurricular activities is mandatory for all students.
  • The student will pay for any Loss of Class or School regarding to him/her.

*Students can be dismissed if violations of the rules and regulations are observed.

School Holidays

  • 1st January (New Year)
  • 23rd March (Pakistan Day)
  • 5th May (Labor Day)
  • 14th August (Pakistan Independence Day)
  • Summer Vacations
  • Winter Vacations
  • Hajj Day
  • Eid-ul-Azha
  • Eid-ul-Fitar
  • Youm-e-Ashra
  • School will “Notify Here” or Send WhatsApp Message.

Examination Notice

  • A 60% progress is mandatory for promotion to the next class. Otherwise, the student will remain in the same class.
  • Parents and guardians are compulsory attendees at Parent-Teacher Meetings and Result Days.
  • Students who indicate any cheating in a paper will receive a reward of 1000Rs and full marks.
  • Dear KINSIANS (Alumni Students) Your original Matric Result Cards and Certificates (Sannat) after two year of martic are available at School Office. Collect it Immediately Otherwise it’ll be Wasted.


Curricular & Extra Curricular Activities