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Mr. & Mrs. Sikandar Hayat

We Welcome to all at Kin’s International Public High School !


Education, If we are to have a balanced society, people must be provided with equal opportunities to grow. Availability of quality education creates such opportunities.  If we make education available and affordable for our talented youth, it will lay the foundation for a vibrant and growing society enabling us to stand among the leading nations.

KIN’S is exactly that kind of equal opportunity for the youth. It has been the cradle of creativity and innovation and has been invoking our student’s imagination since twenty five decades now. At the core of our education philosophy is the goal to develop students with strong problem-solving and analytical abilities and to equip them with the skills that they need to succeed in their higher education and future careers.

We are focused towards responding to the need of Pakistan to make the critical transition to a knowledge based society by providing an opportunity for quality education and tapping the potential excellence in the young generation today.

Engr. Mian Ahmed Umer Aziz

I Welcome to all at Kin’s International Public High School !


Education is a very important undertaking which necessitates effort, patience, commitment and focus. Your success in your studies is the primary goal of each of us.

Please keep in mind that studying at KIN’S will enable you to integrate global qualities with local characteristics by supporting the development of cultural, social and conceptual values as well as your emotional intelligence. My KINSIANS is my proud.

The fundamental values which will be assisting you throughout the entire process should be morality, knowledge, reality and development.

M. Ali Sikandar

M.Phil., Physics

M. Abubakar Sikandar

MS, Physics


In pursuit of perfection, discovery and innovation in one’s own discipline, while being aware that all one does, emerges from and integrates into a wider common human good.

A culture of openness and preparedness towards cutting-edge future road map and emerging knowledge block with a constant eye on applicability and scalability.

For innovation at the intersection of disciplines, so as to benchmark mind-growth intangibles in tangible terms, for the enlargement of global human knowledge.

A culture of continual multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary inquiry and education among all stakeholders, leading to the evolution of an education model that focuses on experiential learning to prepare students to lead, through the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

Orientation across the entire college ecosystem that goes beyond domain knowledge so as to ensure that learning and problem solving continue for life.

The finest student and faculty bodies to learn together, through the most evolved education processes in an atmosphere of rigor and discipline which emerges from and integrates with real life industry, science and commerce processes; so as to develop an expert body that understands all aspects of social challenges and work with teams to tackle complex problems that directly benefit society.

The finest global level physical facilities and organization structure to attract & serve a high quality body.

Faculty bodies of universal excellence that would embody and foster global quality academic leadership.

All learning emerges from its relevant workplace, with guidance from its finest practitioners so as to produce students who are aware of all ground realities and the place that they and their learning will occupy, on completion of their projected formal education.

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